Rural Financial Counsellors

Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria- North East

Rural financial counselling services are free, confidential and independent to primary producers and rural businesses that are experiencing financial hardship or, have limited access to impartial support. 

Our Rural Financial Counsellors can help with information, support and practical assistance in making sound financial and business decisions. We work in collaboration with a range of people, governments and organisations throughout the Goulburn Murray Hume region in supporting rural businesses to better manage the challenges of change and structural adjustment.

Our Rural Financial Counsellors can help:

•    Farming and small business families assess and understand their financial positions 
•    With business planning and enterprise change / diversification decision making
•    Identify options and develop adjustment plans 
•    Prepare budgets and cash flows
•    With loans  and / or refinance applications
•    Negotiate with their lenders and creditors
•    Identify eligibility and apply for Centrelink and other Government programs
•    Support families through the structural adjustment process
•    With preparation for Farm Debt Mediation and support families to meet agreements
•    Pre succession planning facilitation / decision making 
•    Information and referrals

If you are concerned about the financial health of your business seek help early. Early action provides you with more options and better outcomes for your business and your family.

To make an appointment with one of our counsellors call us on 1300 834 775

North Eastern Region
Head office

Unit 15/3 Stanley Street, Wodonga

PO Box 1619
Wodonga VIC 3689
Phone: 1300 834 775 and 02 6057 5777
Fax: 02 6100 6123

Benalla and Seymour

Carl Fraser
Phone: 1300 834 775 
Mobile: 0428 859 842

Jim Moll
Phone: 1300 834 775 
Mobile: 0427 394 988

Alan Guest-Smith
Phone: 1300 834 775
Mobile: 0417 496 882


Maryanne Black
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Phone: 1300 834 775 
Mobile: 0407 901 537


Chris Howard
Phone: 1300 834 775 
Mobile: 0427 546 642

Thomas Chick
Phone: 1300 834 775
Mobile: 0419 418 928


Tony Shirley
Phone: 1300 834 775 
Mobile: 0429 484 489

Warwick Philpott
Phone: 1300 834 775
Mobile 0438 257 308


Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria – North West, is a free financial counselling service for farmers and small farm businesses in North West Victoria.

Our Rural Financial Counsellors can work with you to provide information and develop options, while you make the decisions.

Rural Financial Counsellors are available to meet with you on your farm, at your business, or elsewhere if required.

The service is free and independent. Confidentiality is assured.

Give us a call today on 1300 769 489 – we’re here to help.

Analyse and assess your current financial position so that you understand where you are now.

Prepare cash flow budgets so that you can see where you are going.

Develop a case management plan and a business plan (if required) so that you set and work toward goals.

Communicate or negotiate with your bank so that you can benefit from our experience.

Review loan arrangements or refinance your loans if you choose to look elsewhere for finance going forward.

Be prepared and supported through Farm Debt Mediation if things get rocky with your lender.

Be referred to appropriate professionals and services.

Plan an exit strategy for you and your family if you choose to cease production or leave farming.

Gain information on accessing Government or other assistance programs.






North Western Region
Head office

PO Box 2824
Mildura VIC 3500

139 Lime Avenue
Mildura VIC 3500

Phone: 03 5022 0799/ 1300 769 489
Fax: 03 5022 0599


Ken Slatter
Mobile: 0409 566 623

Anna McGee
Mobile: 0437 129 044


Stephanie Ferdelja
Mobile: 0400 411 411

John Sheehy
Mobile: 0418 772 241

David Talbot
Mobile: 0427 164 490


Ashley Kuhl
Mobile: 0488 304 204

Pyramid Hill

Dominic Baxter
Mobile: 0437 151 037

Teresa Meulendijks
Mobile: 0429 913 975

Swan Hill

Teresa O'Brien
Mobile: 0409 188 724

Financial Counselling Australia
Ring 1800 007 007

You can talk to a free phone financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by ringing 1800 007 007 (minimum opening hours are 9.30 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday).
Or you can find a counsellor to meet with in your area on their website.
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